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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1829Notice of some remains at Goza, near Malta : communicated in a letter from captain W.H. Smyth, R.N., F.R.S. and S.A., to Thomas Amyot, Esq. F.R.S. treasurerSmyth, William Henry; Amyot, Thomas
1953Rock tomb at Ghajn Qajjet, near Rabat, MaltaBaldacchino, J.G.; Dunbabin, Thomas James
1957The Copper Age : the Copper Age in the Aeolian IslandsBernabo Brea, Luigi
1957The Neolithic : the Stentinello cultureBernabo Brea, Luigi
1957The Copper AgeBernabo Brea, Luigi
1957The Early Bronze Age : Early Bronze Age in Sicily : the Castelluccio CultureBernabo Brea, Luigi
1957The Neolithic : Neolithic painted pottery cultures in Sicily and South ItalyBernabo Brea, Luigi
1957The Middle Bronze Age : the Thapsos culture in SicilyBernabo Brea, Luigi
1957The Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic : the PalaeolithicBernabo Brea, Luigi
1964War and tradeTaylour, William
1966The Copper AgeTrump, David H.
1966The Neolithic : the final NeolithicTrump, David H.
1967Report on the conference of experts on the conservation of monuments, sites, etc. in the development of tourism : Malta, 4-8 December 1967Ministry of Education, Culture and Tourism
1971-10Erba’ ritratti Cirenajci fil-"Villa Rumana" tar-RabatBonanno, Anthony
1972Les Pheniciens a Malta d' apres les temoignages epigraphiquesSznycer, Maurice; Galley, Micheline; Marshall, David R.
1972Cultural interactions in ancient Mediterranean historyMoscati, Sabatino; Galley, Micheline; Marshall, David R.
1972-06L’ ipogeo di tac-Caghki a MaltaRocco, Benedetto; Borg, Vincenzo
1973Digging up the past in MaltaNational Museum of Malta
1976Une ile et ses hypogees de l’ere des premiers chretiens : MalteBorg, Vincent
1976-01-08Malta's ancient mysteriesSpence, Keith