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Title: Housing in Vittoriosa : a holistic approach
Authors: Gauci, Suzanne (2003)
Keywords: Vittoriosa (Malta)
Housing -- Malta
Economics -- Sociological aspects
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Gauci, S. (2003). Housing in Vittoriosa : a holistic approach (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Vittoriosa is a walled city situated in the Grand Harbour. Its sheltered setting, offer "Security to the creeks of the Grand Harbour and this factor has attracted various settlers to live in the city of Vittoriosa. Consequently housing development occurred in a piecemeal manner, influenced by different needs of its inhabitants. Therefore now is the time for a holistic approach towards housing in Vittoriosa. The objectives of this dissertation are to analyse the type of houses lived in by households and the location sited and outline the reasons causing poor housing quality in Vittoriosa. The findings have shown that poor housing quality is in fact a product of the social standing of the local people. Most households have a low income and work in the lower occupational categories. This is also complemented by the fact that most of the dwellings are old and rented at very low rent indicating that in Vittoriosa there is a housing problem. Declared income appears to be a determining factor to the state of affairs highlighted. A sectoral analysis of the different areas in Vittoriosa has shown that in general there are more areas experiencing deterioration and moving on to decay. However there are some areas experiencing growth indicating a positive result. This area analysis enabled an integrated sectoral approach for the housing management strategy as each different area has different problems and requires a different strategy according to the specific needs of the area. A time series analysis has indicated that both housing and the socio-economic status in Vittoriosa have decreased with time due to a series of events that occurred in Vittoriosa. Vittoriosa's location has always been the mainly pull factor. In the past it attracted various settlers, however as time went by and its importance in the harbours diminished so people started to move away. The process of out-migration from Vittoriosa was initiated during the war, when most of the people were evacuated from the city. However after the war some of the people did not return as they got used to other areas or got married and settled elsewhere. Post-war development occurred in a haphazard fashion and consisted of cheaply rented dwellings, which attracted low class people.
Description: M.A.GEOGRAPHY
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