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Title: The growing concern about illegal migration and detention policies in Malta
Authors: Cassar, Abraham James (2009)
Keywords: Aliens -- Malta
Immigrants -- Malta
Detention of persons -- Malta
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Cassar, A. J. (2009). The growing concern about illegal migration and detention policies in Malta (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Irregular immigration is a phenomenon which has been occurring in different parts of the world for many years. Throughout history there have always been episodes that have pushed people to leave their country of origin in search of a safer country to live in, or at least to stay in till the home country is considered once again safe enough for the person to move back in. Irregular immigration can be done through many ways; however border crossing is the most common form that is used today in Europe by those who are running away from life threatening circumstances in their home countries. Many Africans seek to reach European mainland which is safe, however the journey is extremely dangerous, and many have lost their lives trying to reach their 'promised' land. Malta's geographic positioning, between the tip of Africa and European mainland makes it prone to receiving irregular immigrants, who may not always know which country they are approaching. Increasing numbers of immigrants arriving in Malta have created problems for the Maltese authorities, with these being promptly outlined by various international organizations. These migration flows are creating problems which are not easily solved. Talks are ongoing and various organizations and entities come-up with their own version of what should be done, however the fact is that the situation is extremely complicated due to the fact that we are talking about the lives of human beings who are running for their lives. It is easy to talk when you are an outsider, however when you are directly affected, and you are aware of all the facts, then the situation changes drastically and the difficulties associated with irregular immigration suddenly become terribly clear.
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