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Title: The economic and social implications of irregular immigration in Malta
Authors: Farrugia, Kristina (2010)
Keywords: Illegal aliens -- Malta
Immigrants -- Malta
Malta -- Emigration and immigration -- Economic aspects
Malta -- Emigration and immigration -- Social aspects
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Farrugia, K. (2010). The economic and social implications of irregular immigration in Malta (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: The phenomenon of irregular migration has been on the increase in the Mediterranean since the start of the new century. Central to this issue is the island of Malta; a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to Malta's geo-strategic position, Malta has become a pit-stop in the common routes taken by migrants whilst crossing from North Africa to Europe. The influx of migrants became problematic due to the excessive numbers which soared from year to year, and due to the fact that Malta was essentially unprepared in facing up to this scenario, lacking means of accommodation; proper integration policies; etc. Additionally, Malta has no mainland to which it can deport irregular immigrants, with the result that Malta becomes a way-one street; where many enter, but only a few leave. In response to such arrivals, Malta witnessed the emergence of new trends within its society. Such trends are mostly negative responses linked to racism, xenophobia and a general negative perception towards irregular immigrants. Such negativity is mostly linked to fear and the perception of a threat, such as the discernment that immigrants are here to steal away Maltese jobs and 'take-over' the island. Consequently, the need for a study to verify whether such fear is justified, or whether this fear is the result of unfounded theories and speculations; is a need in this context. This thesis shall aim at doing just that. Following an objective analysis of the actual economic and social repercussions resulting from irregular immigration; the thesis shall bring to light the actual value that irregular immigration has or may have upon Malta.
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