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Title: The contested universality of human rights and the invocation of cultural identity in Egypt
Authors: Fadel Kirios, Marian (2003)
Keywords: Human rights
Group identity -- Egypt
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Fadel Kirios, M. (2003). The contested universality of human rights and the invocation of cultural identity in Egypt (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: The right to cultural identity is a debatable right, these debates around it derive from the nature of this right in itself and its objects. It deals mainly with the most two mixed and overlapping notions that are, "identity" and "culture". The two notions that have been attracted a great attention in the postmodern era. As they might constitute for individuals, groups and for peoples the hope they lost any political engagement and in any real ideologies may exist, the shelter they can confine themselves in after the state of vacuum morality and beliefs we experience nowadays. The right to cultural identity lies at the core of the fight between the human rights universalists and relativists' claims. If this right to be entrenched on the ground tor individuals and groups, under the slogans of 'all cultures should to be respected and to be dealt on equal foots', then, each of its bearers has the right to maintain their culture and tradition, that they breathe through their identity. The universality and the universal applicability of human rights might face a critical situation in dealing with the tremendous diversities of cultures on the day-world. One of this cultures is the Arab-Islamic' cultural identity. That each of peoples, elites and leaders in this region has its own vision in dealing with their unique culture, especially, when it comes to correspond with the universal human rights system. They put all the time the role the west plays and causes in shaping this region by some of its own current specific features and in pushing them to be more attached to their identity.
Description: M.A.HUMAN RIGHTS&DEM.
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