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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A PET study of dopamine D2 and serotonin 5-HT2 receptor occupancy in patients with schizophrenia treated with therapeutic doses of ziprasidoneMamo, David; Kapur, Shitij; Shammi, Chekkera M.; Papatheodorou, George; Mann, Steve; Therrien, Francois; Remington, Gary
2007Differential effects of aripiprazole on D 2, 5-HT 2, and 5-HT 1A receptor occupancy in patients with schizophrenia : a triple tracer PET studyMamo, David; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mizrahi, Romina; Shammi, Chekkera M.; Romeyer, Franvoise; Kapur, Shitij
2011Effects of aging on 5‐HT2AR binding : a HRRT PET study with and without partial volume correctionsUchida, Hiroyuki; Chow, Tiffany W.; Mamo, David; Kapur, Shitij; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Houle, Sylvain; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2008Brain region binding of the D2/3 agonist [11C]‐(+)‐PHNO and the D2/3 antagonist [11C] raclopride in healthy humansGraff-Guerrero, Ariel; Willeit, Matthaeus; Ginovart, Nathalie; Mamo, David; Mizrahi, Romina; Rusjan, Pablo; Vitcu, Irina; Seeman, Philip; Wilson, Alan A.; Kapur, Shitij
2006A PET study evaluating dopamine D2 receptor occupancy for long-acting injectable risperidoneRemington, Gary; Mamo, David; Labelle, Alain; Reiss, Jeffrey; Shammi, Chekkera M.; Mannaert, Erik; Mann, Steve; Kapur, Shitij
2008D2 receptor occupancy of olanzapine pamoate depot using positron emission tomography : an open-label study in patients with schizophreniaMamo, David; Kapur, Shitij; Keshavan, Matcheri; Laruelle, Marc; Taylor, Cindy C.; Kothare, Prajakti A.; Barsoum, Penny; McDonnell, David
2009The relationship between subjective well-being and dopamine D2 receptors in patients treated with a dopamine partial agonist and full antagonist antipsychoticsMizrahi, Romina; Mamo, David; Rusjan, Pablo; Graff, Ariel; Houle, Sylvain; Kapur, Shitij
2010Is desire for social relationships mediated by the serotonergic system in the prefrontal cortex? An [18F] setoperone PET studyGerretsen, Philip; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Menon, Mahesh; Pollock, Bruce G.; Kapur, Shitij; Vasdev, Neil; Houle, Sylvain; Mamo, David
2007Adverse subjective experience with antipsychotics and its relationship to striatal and extrastriatal D 2 receptors : a PET study in schizophreniaMizrahi, Romina; Rusjan, Pablo; Agid, Ofer; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mamo, David; Zipursky, Robert B.; Kapur, Shitij
2007Striatal vs extrastriatal dopamine D2 receptors in antipsychotic response - a double-blind PET study in schizophreniaAgid, Ofer; Mamo, David; Ginovart, Nathalie; Vitcu, Irina; Wilson, Alan A.; Zipursky, Robert B.; Kapur, Shitij