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Title: Technical terms used in the financial services industry
Authors: Farrugia, Carlo (2006)
Keywords: Maltese language -- Vocabulary
Maltese language -- Lexicology
Finance -- Terminology
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Farrugia, C. (2006). Technical terms used in the financial services industry (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: This dissertation aims at providing a useful glossary (Maltese - English/English - Maltese) to assist translation processes in the financial services industry. The target set out for this dissertation was to have the largest number of words and terms used in the English language translated into Maltese. This would enable the financial services industry to have a reference containing a large number of technical words and terms that are used frequently in the industry in their English version with their equivalent in the Maltese language. In addition it was felt that adding the definitions of the terms used in the English and Maltese terms would be beneficial for the user of this glossary to better understand the meaning of the English term as well as its corresponding meaning in the Maltese language. The layout in this dissertation would also help those individuals that are not familiar with the financial services industry but that come in contact with it. In the world of today people have insurances, investments or bank accounts and this dissertation would help the individuals making use of these financial instruments to understand better the technical term; that are frequently used in law financial services industry.
Description: M.TRANSLATION
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