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Title: The protection of the environment as a human right
Authors: Porter, Tracy (2003)
Keywords: Human rights
Environmental protection
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Porter, T. (2003). The protection of the environment as a human right (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Progress for human beings has always been measured in terms of development that translated into economic growth. This development was mostly undertaken without any consideration for the environment and as a consequence, the environment has been seriously degraded: pollutants were pumped into the atmosphere and the seas; whole forests were razed to the ground; and entire species were driven to extinction. Soon, this degradation encroached onto human existence as individuals began to suffer from the effects of such a polluted environment. Pollution thus became a threat to human life and as such, environmental protection came to be regarded as a manner by which to protect human interests, and thus, as a possible human right. This thesis considers in detail the concept of a human rights approach to environmental protection and the possibility of the existence of such a right in international law. Chapter 1 introduces the concept of a human right to environmental protection putting forward the implications and limitations of such a right. It also examines the theoretical content of this right in both its substantive and procedural aspects.
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