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Title: Drug addiction recovery : insights from Carmelite spirituality
Authors: Scicluna, Victoria (2011)
Keywords: Drug addiction
Drug addicts
Carmelites. Third Order
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Scicluna, V. (2011). Drug addiction recovery : insights from Carmelite spirituality (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Taking as a starting point that every person is a spiritual being and all beings are born with an innate desire for God, the present work will delve into the mystery of the empty space within the human being which can only be satisfied when it is full of the presence of God. There is moreover, within every human being, a desire for this fulfilment and a longing for God. While attachments point to this fundamental desire, they also distance us from it and can take over our whole existence, when all our energy und creativity are used in this focus which we compulsively give in to. With disordered attachment, our choices are not free and we are therefore not exercising our right to freedom. Drug addiction is one such addiction/attachment which envelopes the life of the drug addict and leaves little or no space for anything else. It takes a person to the extreme pole of what a human being was created for.
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