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Title: Contextual significance of ritual evidence in Malta
Authors: Bonanno, Anthony
Keywords: Archaeology -- Malta
Prehistoric peoples -- Malta
Anthropology, Prehistoric -- Malta
Deya International Conference of Prehistory (3rd : 1994)
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Tempus Reparatum
Citation: Bonanno, A. (1995). Contextual significance of ritual evidence in Malta. In W.H. Waldren, J.A. Ensenyat, & R.C. Kennard (Eds.), Ritual, rites and religion in prehistory : IIIrd Deya International Conference of Prehistory (pp. 136-146). Oxford : Tempus Reparatum.
Series/Report no.: BAR International Series;611
Abstract: Archaeology has not yet provided us with the proper tools and the right means for reading the minds of our prehistoric ancestors from the material evidence they left us. When and if such means are ever made available, we may rest assured they will be the product of science and technology rather than of archaeology itself. TiII then such a scenario is bound to remain in the realm of wishful thinking and science fiction. With our feet planted firmly in the ground the most we can hope to do, in the meantime, in the field of religious thought, is to try to reconstruct, by using that same material evidence. the rituals through which our ancestors might have expressed their beliefs in the supernatural.
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