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Title: Fluorescent molecular logic gates for pH and pE for cell imaging applications
Authors: Johnson, Alex (2017)
Keywords: Molecules
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Johnson, A. (2017). Fluorescent molecular logic gates for pH and pE for cell imaging applications (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Novel molecules for sensing pH and redox potential (pE) were designed and synthesised starting from the asymmetrical 1,8-naphltalimide fluorophore. Attachment of a proton receptor and/or electron donor at either the N-imide or 4-position resulted in the molecular engineering of several positional isomers. Three novel pH-pE molecules of various modular designs were synthesised including 'fluorophore-spacer1-receptor-spacer2-electron-donor', 'electron -donor-spacer1-fluorophore-spacer2-receptor', and 'electron-donor1-spacer1-receptor1-spacer2-fluorophore-spacer2-receptor2-spacer4-electron-donor2' prototype. The receptor was either N-methylethylenediamine or piperazine, whilst the electron-donor was forrocene, both of which were connected via methylene or ethylene spacers. In addition, two model fluoroscent pH indicators were designed and studied, based on a 'fluorsphore-spacer-receptor' format, whilst a third fluorescent pH indicator was synthesised with a 'receptor1-spacer1-fluorophore-spacer2-receptor2' modular format.
Description: M.SC.CHEMISTRY
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