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Title: The effect of motivations on the intention to buy newspapers
Authors: Scerri, Graziella (2004)
Keywords: Maltese newspapers
Mass media
Newspaper reading
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: Scerri, G. (2004). The effect of motivations on the intention to buy newspapers (Bachelor’s dissertation).
Abstract: In today's economy many newspapers are challenged with steady or declining readership and faced with little or no growth in advertising revenue. The newspaper industry is facing tough competition from other mass media like the Internet. Research is a powerful tool to address these challenges. Used effectively, research can increase advertising revenue and newspaper loyally. It can help newspapers understand their audience better and help guidemarketing efforts to improve readership. This is impossible without an understanding of the consumer behaviour and the psychological forces that govern it. This study is aimed to investigate two concepts, the intention to buy and the motivations of newspaper readership, and the relationship between them Chapter one, literature review, starts with a description of the decision-making process, continues with an overview of the motivation theory and its importance for newspaper readership. It becomes apparent from the literature review that the major motivators of newspaper readership are the need for surveillance, interaction, entertainment and habit. Therefore the following hypotheses are drawn: Hl: The higher the need for surveillance, the higher the intention to buy newspapers. H2: The higher the need for companionship, the higher the intention to buy newspapers. H3: The higher the need for entertainment, the higher the intention to buy newspapers. H4: The higher the habit factor, the higher the intention to buy newspapers. Survey research was than conducted using a sample of post-secondary and University students and the hypotheses were tested using regression analysis. The results show that the need for surveillance and habit influence the intention to buy, the others do not. Finally this study concludes with a discussion of the findings, the limitations of the research process and suggestions for future research.
Description: B.COMMS.(HONS)
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