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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004La Geografia di Tolomeo e le rotte marittime mediterraneeVella, Nicholas C.
1997[Review of] Pablo Vidal Gonzáles : La Isla de Malta en Época Fenicia y PúnicaVella, Nicholas C.
2006Characterization of Maltese pottery of the Late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Punic Period by neutron activation analysisMommsen, Hans; Bonanno, Anthony; Chetcuti Bonavita, Kristian; Kakoulli, Ioanna; Musumeci, M.; Sagona, Claudia; Schwedt, Alexander; Vella, Nicholas C.; Zacharias, N.; Maggetti, Marino; Messiga, Bruno
2011Borg in-Nadur : the excavations of Margaret A. Murray and David H. TrumpVella, Nicholas C.; Zammit, MariaElena; Bugeja, Anton
2001Harris Dunscombe Colt in MaltaVella, Nicholas C.; Chapman, Rupert L.
2018-02-07The use of geographic information system and 1860s cadastral data to model agricultural suitability before heavy mechanization. A case study from MaltaAlberti, Gianmarco; Grima, Reuben; Vella, Nicholas C.
2008A view from the countryside : pollen from a field at Mistra Valley, MaltaHunt, Chris O.; Vella, Nicholas C.
2001Ghajn Klieb, (Rabat, Malta)Vella, Nicholas C.; Borda, Kevin; Briffa, Josef M.; Fenech, Katrin; Grinde, Kristi; Scerri, Eleanor; Sisk, Matthew; Stoger, Hanna; Zammit, Maria Elena
2011A newly discovered late Punic-Roman rock-cut tomb at Limestone Heritage, Siggiewi (Malta)Spiteri, Mevrick; Vella, Nicholas C.
2000Excavations at Tas-Silg, Malta : a preliminary report on the 1996-1998 campaigns conducted by the Department of Classics and Archaeology of the University of MaltaBonanno, Anthony; Frendo, Anthony J.; Vella, Nicholas C.; Schembri, Patrick J.; Falzon, Anthony; Fenech, Katrin; Sant, Michael J.