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Title: Wake interactions of two tandem floating offshore wind turbines : CFD analysis using actuator disc model
Authors: Rezaeiha, Abdolrahim
Micallef, Daniel
Keywords: Wind power
Wind power plants -- Design and construction
Horizontal axis wind turbines -- Blades
Unsteady flow (Aerodynamics)
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Citation: Rezaeiha, A., & Micallef, D. (2021). Wake interactions of two tandem floating offshore wind turbines : CFD analysis using actuator disc model. Renewable Energy, 179, 859-876.
Abstract: Floating offshore wind turbines (FOWTs) have received great attention for deep water wind energy harvesting. So far, research has been focused on a single floating rotor. However, for final deployment of FOWT farms, interactions of multiple FOWTs and potential impacts of the floating motion on power performance and wake of the rotors need to be investigated. In this study, we employ CFD coupled with an Actuator Disc model to analyze interactions of two tandem FOWTs for the scenario, where the upstream rotor is floating with a prescribed surge motion and the downstream rotor is fixed and influenced by the variations in the incoming flow created by the oscillating motion of the surging rotor. We will investigate three different surge amplitudes and analyze the fluctuations in power performance of the two rotors as well as their wake interactions. The results show a light increase in the mean power coefficient of both rotors for the surging case, compared against the case with no surge motion. The standard deviation of the transient CP of the surging rotor linearly scales with the surge amplitude, while such impact for the downstream rotor is very limited. Surging motion of the upstream rotor is found to enhance flow mixing in the wake, which therefore, accelerates the wake recovery of the downstream rotor. This finding suggests prospects for research into redesigning wind farm layout for FOWTs, aiming for more compact arrangements.
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