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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Who? What? Event tracking needs event understandingMamo, Nicholas; Azzopardi, Joel; Layfield, Colin
2017Back to the sketch-board : integrating keyword search, semantics, and information retrievalAzzopardi, Joel; Benedetti, Fabio; Guerra, Francesco; Lupu, Mihai
2008Upgrading the Malta marine data management system to SeaDataNet requirementsAzzopardi, Joel; Drago, Aldo
2017Item-based vs user-based collaborative recommendation predictionsAzzopardi, Joel
2016Extended no-K-Means for search results clusteringAzzopardi, Joel; Staff, Chris; Layfield, Colin
2019ELD : event timeline detection - a participant-based approach to tracking eventsMamo, Nicholas; Azzopardi, Joel; Layfield, Colin
2014Giordan Lighthouse - a gaw station on the island of Gozo in the central Mediterranean; summary of results obtained concerning shipping emissions, volcanic plumes and other anthropogenic emissionsAzzopardi, Francelle; Smyth, Alexander; Saliba, Martin; Azzopardi, Miriam; Azzopardi, Joel; Sciare, J.; DuLac, F.; Scollo, Simona; Prestifilippo, Michele; Jalkanen, Jukka-Pekka; Johansson, Lasse; Pribylova, Petra; Ellul, Raymond
2021An automatic participant detection framework for event tracking on twitterMamo, Nicholas; Azzopardi, Joel; Layfield, Colin
2021“To trust a LIAR”: does machine learning really classify fine-grained, fake news statements?Mifsud, Mark; Layfield, Colin; Azzopardi, Joel; Abela, John
2022URECA – the research ethics and data protection online review platform used by the University of MaltaAzzopardi, Joel