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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04Vessels delineation in retinal images using COSFIRE filtersAzzopardi, George; Strisciuglio, Nicola; Vento, Mario; Petkov, Nicolai
2015-01Trainable COSFIRE filters for vessel delineation with application to retinal imagesAzzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2015Automatic differentiation of u- and n-serrated patterns in direct immunofluorescence imagesShi, Chenyu; Guo, Jiapan; Azzopardi, George; Meijer, Joost M.; Jonkman, Marcel F.; Petkov, Nicolai
2015Recognition of architectural and electrical symbols by COSFIRE filters with inhibitionGuo, Jiapan; Shi, Chenyu; Azzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2015Automatic classification of serrated patterns in direct immunouorescence imagesShi, Chenyu; Meijer, Joost M.; Guo, Jiapan; Azzopardi, George; Jonkman, Marcel F.; Petkov, Nicolai
2017Machine-vision-based identification of broken inserts in edge profile milling headsFernandez-Robles, Laura; Azzopardi, George; Alegre, Enrique; Petkov, Nicolai
2016Inhibition-augmented trainable COSFIRE filters for keypoint detection and object recognitionGuo, Jiapan; Shi, Chenyu; Azzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2014A push-pull CORF model of a simple cell with antiphase inhibition improves SNR and contour detectionAzzopardi, George; Rodriguez-Sanchez, Antonio; Piater, Justus; Petkov, Nicolai
2011Detection of retinal vascular bifurcations by trainable v4-like filtersAzzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2015-10Unsupervised delineation of the vessel tree in retinal fundus imagesStrisciuglio, Nicola; Vento, Mario; Azzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai