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Title: Seismic protection of buildings using innovative isolators based on magnetically controlled elastomer
Authors: Isaković, Tatjana
Fischinger, Matej
Keywords: Earthquake resistant design
Buildings -- Earthquake effects
Buildings -- Protection
Rubber bearings
Seismic waves -- Damping
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Building & Civil Engineering
Citation: Isaković, T., & Fischinger, M. (2008). Seismic protection of buildings using innovative isolators based on magnetically controlled elastomer. In Mazzolani, F. M., Mistakidis, E., Borg, R. P., Byfield, M., De Matteis, G., Dubina.,..Wang, Y. (Eds.), Urban habitat constructions under catastrophic events: COST Action C26 (pp. 193-198). Malta: University of Malta. Dept. of Building & Civil Engineering.
Abstract: ▪ Seismic rubber isolators are typically designed for ultimate deformations (about 100% strain) expected at rare strong earthquakes. However, shear modulus of rubber at smaller strains, which are typical for more frequent moderate earthquakes, is much higher, jeopardizing the efficiency of seismic isolations. The higher stiffness of the isolated system can substantially increase the seismic demand for the equipment installed in buildings.
▪ Due to this, catastrophic consequences (i.e. the interruption of important services in hospitals and traffic control or/and the loss of important historical heritage in museums) can occur at moderate and more frequent earthquakes. This should be considered in the design of the seismic isolation of new and existing buildings. [excerpt from Description]
ISBN: 9789990944402
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