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Title: Seismic resistance of a thin, lightly reinforced coupled wall evaluated by large-scale shaking table test
Authors: Fischinger, Matej
Isaković, T.
Keywords: Earthquake resistant design
Walls -- Design and construction
Earthquake simulators
Buildings -- Earthquake effects
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Building & Civil Engineering.
Citation: Fischinger, M., & Isaković, T. (2008). Seismic resistance of a thin, lightly reinforced coupled wall evaluated by large-scale shaking table test. In Mazzolani, F. M., Mistakidis, E., Borg, R. P., Byfield, M., De Matteis, G., Dubina.,..Wang, Y. (Eds.), Urban habitat constructions under catastrophic events: COST Action C26 (pp. 164-169). Malta: University of Malta. Dept. of Building & Civil Engineering.
Abstract: ▪ Reinforced structural walls are frequently used as partition walls between the apartment units, leading to specific structural concept with large wall-to-floor area ratio (Figure 1). In such buildings the walls are typically thin (having thickness of only 15 – 20 cm), the reinforcement is light and little confinement is provided at the free edges without boundary columns (Figure 2 and 3).
▪ Such structural systems are housing millions of people worldwide. However, this type of walls does not comply with the requirements in EC8, developed predominantly for heavily loaded structural walls. Yet, such structures have survived very strong earthquakes well (Fajfar et al, 1981; Wood, 1991). Seismic risk for such, seemingly weak lightly reinforced and limited ductile structural walls is still to be evaluated and relevant EC8 requirements should be eventually modified. While there had been some tests of cantilever walls done, experimental data of coupled walls with thin coupling beams were practically non-existent.
ISBN: 9789990944402
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