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Title: Introducing the concept of digital-agent signatures for human- robot-robot-human interaction
Authors: Pfeiffer, Alexander
Serada, Alesha
Bugeja, Mark
Bezzina, Stephen
Keywords: Artificial intelligence
Intelligent agents (Computer software)
Distributed artificial intelligence
Human-computer interaction
Robotics -- Human factors
Human-machine systems
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Academic Conferences International Limited
Citation: Pfeiffer, A., Serada, A., Bugeja, M., & Bezzina, S. (2020). Introducing the concept of digital-agent signatures for human- robot-robot-human interaction. European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics ECIAIR 2020. 115-122.
Abstract: Digital/electronic identities are essential components of collaborative robots/robots and human-robot/robothuman interactions. Through such identities, digital agents (AI powered software or robots/bots) are entrusted with tasks in the name of certain individuals/companies. Digital identities can come from various sources; these can be assigned by an employer, through a service provided by a government entity or an external company specializing in the creation of such signatures or generated through an interface like Facebook Connect. All these different sources offer a range of varying levels of trust, both within the institution where the signature is principally used, but especially when interacting with third parties. Ultimately, this level of trust or its valuation is a determining factor in how far the authorization of the respective digital/electronic signature goes. The authors describe the application of digital/electronic signatures from human employees or legal entities which, simultaneously with the main task, generate sub-signatures for the respective digital agent.The topic is presented from a technical perspective as well as from a social science point of view.
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