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Title: Digital storytelling as an opportunity for non-profit organizations : implementing storytelling on social media for charity
Authors: Mang, Simone
Pfeiffer, Alexander
Bezzina, Stephen
Keywords: Blockchains (Databases)
Artificial intelligence
Interactive multimedia
Digital storytelling
Communication and technology
Communication in organizations
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Published by Academic Conferences International Limited
Citation: Mang, S., Pfeiffer, A., & Bezzina, S. (2021). Digital storytelling as an opportunity for non-profit organizations : implementing storytelling on social media for charity. 8th European Conference on Social Media ECSM 2021. 144-149.
Abstract: This paper examines the use of digital storytelling by Austrian non-profit organizations (NPOs). Storytelling is an innovative communication tool that is particularly well suited to arouse emotions and build relationships. In today's stimulus-flooded society, stories communicate what really counts and consequently social media have created new platforms and forms of presentation for storytelling. The interactivity of social media allows users to be directly involved in such stories. For NPOs, digital storytelling is a promising tool to engage people in their work and mission in order to make the world a better place. A content analysis of four Austrian NPOs was chosen as the main research method followed by an expert panel discussion to elaborate on the findings. The results of the study show that storytelling already plays an important role in the digital communication of Austrian NPOs. Stories on Facebook and Instagram are primarily used to inform about the work of the organizations and to mobilize users to take action. Nonetheless, problematic situations and conflicts play a key role as main thematic areas. Often, the storyline involves a problem which is pointed out to the users, who are then asked to participate in solving the problem by means of a call-to-action. Storytelling is mainly used in public relations and advocacy work and not as much in direct fundraising by the NPOs. Since stories can trigger emotions and strengthen the image of organizations, it can be assumed that storytelling also has an indirect positive influence on the willingness to donate.
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