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Title: Micro-modular digital learning content design in a cloud-based collaboration environment
Authors: Patala, Teemu
Vancell, Joseph
Bruce, Alan
Keywords: Adult learning
Distance education
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: f EDULEARN
Citation: Patala, T., Vancell, J., & Bruce, A. (2019). Micro-modular digital learning content design in a cloud-based collaboration environment. EDULEARN19 Conference, Palma de Mallorca.
Abstract: Micro-modularity has become a central design principle in digital learning content design over the recent years. Micro-modular courses are split into bite-sized, topic-centered and easy to use learning objects which can be used independently or as part of a larger course or program in a flexible manner. When looking at the issue from the workplace-based learning context, the micro-learning approach has many benefits. These apply to employees “consuming” micro-learning modules while working eg in terms of added flexibility and possibilities for better targeted, on-demand use of learning modules. From the learning design perspective, micro-modularity has opened many new opportunities allowing learning designers and production teams to work more efficiently and increasing the contribution of subjectmatter experts in various phases of the design process. Shared cloud-based working environments are highly useful in digital learning content design as they allow a number of individuals to work on the same project similarly and in collaboration with each other. Together with the micro-modular approach, learning content development teams can run course productions very efficiently by following lean principles and utilizing the benefits of virtual collaboration. The process and outcome are quite different from the more traditional way of multimedia learning content development, in which content was designed and developed in a linear process and constructed as a whole, large entity. It was rather a product designed by digital learning content provider for the client organization than a product developed co-creatively with the client.
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