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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Local heat generation and material flow in friction stir welding of mild steel assembliesMicallef, Daniel; Camilleri, Duncan; Toumpis, Athanasios; Galloway, Alexander; Arbaoui, Larbi
2005Computational prediction of out-of-plane welding distortion and experimental investigationCamilleri, Duncan; Comlekci, Tugrul; Gray, Thomas G. F.
2014A progressive failure analysis applied to fiber-reinforced composite plates subject to out-of-plane bendingEllul, Brian; Camilleri, Duncan; Betts, John Charles
2007Material strain hardening in pressure vessel design by analysisCamilleri, Duncan; MacKenzie, Donald; Hamilton, Robert B.
2007Computational methods and experimental validation of welding distortion modelsCamilleri, Duncan; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Gray, Thomas G. F.
2018Theoretical and finite element analysis of dynamic deformation in resonating micromirrorsFarrugia, Russell; Grech, Ivan; Camilleri, Duncan; Casha, Owen; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2008Procedural influences on non-linear distortions in welded thin-plate fabricationMollicone, Pierluigi; Camilleri, Duncan; Gray, Tom
2013Comparison between different design approaches to prevent buckling of torispherical heads under internal pressureMuscat, Martin; Camilleri, Duncan
2008Mitigation of welding distortion and residual stresses via cryogenic CO2 cooling-a numerical investigationCamilleri, Duncan; Gray, Thomas G. F.; Nash, David
2015Recent developments in steel friction stir welding : project HILDAToumpis, Athanasios I.; Galloway, Alexander M.; Camilleri, Duncan; Arbaoui, Larbi