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Title: The local law enforcement system in Malta and Gozo with the introduction of local wardens
Authors: Bonello, Anthony (2012)
Keywords: Local government -- Malta
Law enforcement -- Malta
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Bonello, A. (2012). The local law enforcement system in Malta and Gozo with the introduction of local wardens (Diploma long essay).
Abstract: Local Councils were established in Malta through Act XV of 1993 and subsequently entrenched in the Maltese Constitution in 2001. The establishing of Local Government in a two-tier government system, besides giving an identity to the very locality they represent, ensures good management of the territory they are responsible for. Local authorities are key players for sustainable economic and social environment through their effective and efficient delivery of services to the customers – the people who elect them in a democratic society. Local enforcement is one of the delegated functions entrusted to local councils, and local wardens were introduced in accordance with the Private Guards and Local Wardens Act XIII of 1996, Chapter 389. This research study investigates the policy effectiveness of local enforcement in Malta and Gozo. It relies upon quantitative information on the number and values of contraventions issued by local councils by year, generated from the LES, housed by the local councils’ IT contractor. This research focuses primarily on the traffic challenges in a densely populated small island state with its overwhelming vehicular difficulties, such as the infringements that dominate the road network. Particular notice is taken of the fines that were actually paid. The context of the study is shaped with the launch of the new public transport, Arriva Malta, as a contractor of TM. An evaluation has been carried out on the safety element in the road network nad its relation to over speeding abuses. The study unravels data on the issuance of automated contraventions with speed cameras that changed the local enforcement environment. Issues related to road education campaigns are considered as opposed to deterrent purposes. The study also takes into account the migration of LES from the JCs to the RCs, with the intention to reduce administrative burdens. The elements of cost effectiveness and sustainability are inevitably important. Furthermore, the research seeks to find out the level of responsibility that is still entrusted onto the Police Corps, primarily responsible for traffic management and the keeping of good public order in public places. Throughout this study, the development of local enforcement in Malta and Gozo is taken into account from an educational, economical and social aspect. [...]
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