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Title: Paper preservation and conservation in libraries and archives since 1980 : a literature review
Authors: Borda, Denise (2003)
Keywords: Library materials -- Conservation and restoration
Archival materials -- Conservation and restoration
Library materials -- Digitization
Archival materials -- Digitization
Paper -- Preservation
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Borda, D. (2003). Paper preservation and conservation in libraries and archives since 1980 : a literature review (Diploma long essay).
Abstract: "Perhaps the most important single development in the preservation field in the last twenty years has been the recognition of the universality of the problem". Undoubtedly, the '80s and '90s have witnessed a great turnaround in the fields of preservation and conservation. Striking changes have taken place, especially in terms of the attitudes of librarians and archivists. Finally, it was being recognised that preservation issues could no longer be ignored and that these were as much important as the other tasks carried out in libraries and archives. I opted to discuss paper preservation and conservation for the simple reason that most items in libraries and archives are paper-based. Furthermore, I would like to make the following premise, that is, that all words used, such as, 'collections', 'items', 'library and archival material' and the like, are meant for paper-based materials. This assignment is divided into four parts, whereupon I would like to, first, outline the difference between preservation and conservation. Although these are two distinctive fields of study, they are at the same time complementary and both are necessary in order to ensure the longevity and survival of coilections. Secondly, I intend to delineate the various agents of deterioration that damage paper, both internal and external. As regards the external, I chose to divide these into three categories, that is, environmental, biological and mechanical. Thirdly, I would like to put forth the various preventive measures and corrective actions that exist to overcome these enemies of paper. Finally, I would like to emphasise on the importance that education and training play, as regards the preservation of collections. Certainly, all of the above will be made with reference to what exists in library and archive literature (obviously, the ones that I have managed to find and read), since the 1980 to date. This includes both printed and online resources. I would like to define that by literature review it is meant that the methodology used, that is, the research, was wholly a document-analysis approach.
Description: DIP.L.I.S.
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