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Title: The conflicting effects of excessive overtime and unsociable working hours
Authors: Bonello, Consiglia (1999)
Keywords: Job stress -- Malta
Hours of labor -- Malta
Work-life balance -- Malta
White collar workers -- Malta
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Bonello, C. (1999). The conflicting effects of excessive overtime and unsociable working hours (Diploma long essay).
Abstract: Excessive and unsociable working hours which seems to be the norm nowadays, are frequently quoted amongst the main sources leading to family problems due to uncontrolled stress. Furthermore, very often, this negative stress is being proved to be one of the major reasons of family conflicts. Unless this camouflaged pressure is somehow controlled it can lead to marriage failures, unhappy families and other social problems. The writer has used her experience as a marriage counsellor to assess the situation of a selected number of white collar workers, who are known by her to work excessive hours or whose work conditions require them being 'on call'. The purpose of this study is to analyse the current effect/s that their work style Is having on themselves, on their partners and/or on their family. To understand better the relationship between the demands of their workstyle; its present, and any possible future effect/s on themselves and their dependants. Changes in the pertinent legislation supported by all the social partners will be a step forward towards achieving more sensitive human resource management policies in an effort to avoid social problems, which are effecting the well-being of workers and creating an occupational health and safety hazard.
Description: DIP.SOC.STUD.
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