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List of journals which are currently being uploaded in the UM institutional repository, OAR@UM and made available in Open Access. 

  1. Acta Anaesthesiologica Melitensis
  2. Antae Journal
  3. Archivum : the journal of Maltese historical research
  4. Bird’s Eye View
  5. Bird-talk
  6. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta
  7. Central Bank of Malta Quaterly Review
  8. CENTRO : an International Journal of Environmental Studies in the Mediterranean
  9. Chest-piece : The journal of the British Medical Students' Association (Malta Branch)
  10. Click : Newsletter of the Malta Photographic Society
  11. Dental Probe
  12. Economic and Social Studies Journal
  13. European Documentation and Research Centre Newsletter
  14. European Research Studies Journal
  15. Family Physician  (supersedes It-Tabib tal-Familja)
  16. Hyphen
  17. Il Barth : gazzetta di medicina e scienze naturali
  18. Il-Merill
  19. Il-Musbieh
  20. Images in Paediatric Cardiolog
  21. In-Natura (L-Ghasfur u l-ambjent naturali)
  22. International Journal of Emotional Education
  23. It-Tabib tal-Familja
  24. Journal of Accounting Finance and Auditing Studies (JAFAS)
  25. Journal of Baroque Studies
  26. Journal of Educational Affairs
  27. Journal of the Faculty of Arts
  28. Journal of Malta College of Family Doctors (JMCFD)  (superseedes Maltese Family Doctor)
  29. Journal of Maltese Education Research
  30. Journal of Maltese History
  31. Journal of Maltese Studies
  32. Journal of the Malta College of Pharmacy Practice
  33. L-aċċent - Maltese language magazine
  34. L-Imnara : Ir-rivista tal-Għaqda Maltija tal-Folklor 
  35. Lehen il-Malti
  36. Lehen l-Art Imqaddsa
  37. Malta Archaeological Review
  38. Malta Journal of Health Sciences
  39. Malta Medical Journal
  40. Malta Medical School Gazette (MMSG)
  41. Malta Midwive's Journal: The Stork
  42. Malta Review of Educational Research (superseedes Journal of Maltese Education Research)
  43. Maltese Family Doctor (superseedes Family Physician)
  44. Medi-Scope
  45. Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  46. Melita Theologica
  47. Minima Medicamenta
  48. Postcolonial Directions in Education
  49. Storja
  50. Symposia Melitensia
  51. The Central Mediterranean Naturalist
  52. The Collection Journal
  53. The Gozo Observer
  54. The Oracle : Journal of the Grupp Arkeoloġiku Malti
  55. The St. Luke’s Hospital Gazette
  56. The Synapse
  57. Think Magazine
  58. Threads
  59. Unity
  60. University of Malta Gazette
  61. Xjenza
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Last Updated: 11 April 2019

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