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RefWorks is a bibliographic management software that allows you to collect, store, organise, add notes, link (to full-text, web pages and documents), cite and create bibliographies in your preferred reference style.

There are currently two versions of RefWorks available.


Use RefWorks Legacy (orange logo) if you:
  • are an academic member of staff working on your publication list 
  • are already writing your thesis/papers using the old version of RefWorks (Legacy)

arrow In order to use RefWorks Legacy, you must log in with your UM IT Account.


Use New RefWorks (blue logo) if you:
  • are new to RefWorks and will be using it for the first time
  • have Mac with Word 2016 and you would like to use it to write your thesis/papers
  • do not have Word and would like to write your thesis/papers using Google Docs

arrow To sign in to New RefWorks click here.
To create an account on New RefWorks, select University of Malta from the institution list, sign into your UM IT account, if not already signed in, and follow the steps on the screen.

NewRefacc1 NewRefacc2

For the purpose of the publication list, continue using RefWorks Legacy (orange logo). For instructions on how to create your publication list click here.

If you already have RefWorks Legacy (orange logo) account you can continue to use it. 

If you would like to move your references from RefWorks Legacy account (orange) to the New RefWorks (blue) follow the instructions here.

You may use both versions simultaneously, however, please note that the versions are not synchronised. References added to the old version will not appear in the new one and vice versa. 

When sharing folders, it is important that both users use the same version of RefWorks.

For more information call us on 2340 2541 or send an email at
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