Research Ethics

University of Malta staff, students, and anyone else planning to carry out research under the auspices of the University, must comply with the University’sResearch Code of Practiceand the University’s Research Ethics Review Proceduresand complete anEthicsand Data Protection form.

Guidelines for ethical approval and a full description of procedures can be found on the page of the University Research Ethics Committee.


  • All staff and students must fill out the online research ethics and data protection form
  • Applicants who complete the Self-assessment (Part 2) without issues will not be exposed to the Detailed Evaluation (Part 3). Such applicants must still submit the form for filing and audit purposes, but may commence the research immediately.
  • Applicants who flag an issue in the Self-assessment checklist (Part 2) will be required to elaborate on ONLY the relevant issue/s in the Detailed evaluation (Part 3) and must seek permission prior to data collection. Permission will be solicted automatically, once the form is submitted.


The Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) that services the LLT is the one in the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MAKS). All forms and documents need to be sent directly to the MAKS FREC, as per the procedures below.

Submission of completed forms

Once completed, the online interface will generate a pdf version of the completed form. This needs to be submitted together with all supporting documentation (such as recruitment forms and consent forms).

Forms need to be submitted to MAKS FREC by email. All submissions must conform with the following procedure:

  • Emails should be sent directly to Mr Elton Mamowith the form and all relevant documentation attached.
  • The subject line should contain the text: Ethical Approval, <NAME> where <NAME> is the name of the applicant
  • The body of the email should indicate whether any potential issues have been found, which require FREC approval.

Submission by academic staff

  • Academic members of staff should only submit their form and relevant documentation.

Submission by students

  • Studentsshould send their completed form to their principal supervisors.
  • Supervisors should forward the completed form and supporting documentation to the FREC, confirming their approval and flagging any potential issues in the body of the email.