ALLT Student Association

Alltlogo Association of Linguistics and Language Technology students

Students studying at the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology (iLLT) have the opportunity of joining the executive board or subcommittee of the Association of Linguistics and Language Technology (ALLT).

ALLT was set up to represent and support the student body under the iLLT. The organisation aims to promote courses offered by the Institute mainly through the organisation of events of both an educational and academic nature, such as public seminars and lectures, as well as more informal, social events such as parties, bake sales and fundraising events throughout the year. The aim of these events is also to strengthen relationships between students, staff and society at large. We believe that having good relationships is very important for the growth of all parties involved. We also believe that having a society which is informed about linguistics and language technology has the potential of creating more jobs and opportunities for our students outside of academia.

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