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Master of Science in Cognitive Science
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DURATION: 3 Semesters Full-time (day)

MODE OF STUDY: Taught and Research (Mainly Taught)

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary area of study that examines how knowledge is acquired, systematically structured and computationally processed within the brain. It tries to understand the link between brain and mind, bringing together scientific methods, techniques and perspectives from a range of disciplines - including cognitive psychology, linguistics, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy.

Applicants for the course will be accepted from any domain, provided that they have good theoretical knowledge or quantitative skills in their domain.  The most important criteria will be a genuine interest in understanding of how the brain gives rise to the mind and a willingness to embrace a range of theoretical and quantitative methods.The programme seeks to provide students with a new appreciation of the complexity of the brain and how it gives rise to the mind, and the range of methods and techniques available for studying it. It also provides transferable skills such as: critical thinking; experimental design; data analysis; interdisciplinary approach; generic IT skills; computer programming; and scientific writing.

Training in cognitive science prepares students for a variety of career paths including: communications, human-computer interaction, education, information processing, data retrieval, medical analysis, and supervising the use of cognitive science research methods in advertising and consumer behaviour. Additionally, training in cognitive science also provides a broad educational base from which to pursue further academic study. 

Brochure can be downloaded from here.



A Bachelor degree with at least Second Class (Honours) or Category II. All applicants will be required to:

  1. submit a letter of motivation outlining why they wish to read for the degree; and
  2. attend an interview (selection criteria).



Applicants who apply by the first deadline of the 30 April 2018 will be placed in rank order according to the selection criteria approved by Senate and offered the first 7 places.The remaining applicants (if any) will be considered for selection with those applicants who apply after the 29 April 2018 and before the second deadline of the 20 July 2018. 


FACILITIES AVAILABLE in the new Cognitive Science Lab in the Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences include sound-proofed testing booths, eye-tracker, and electroencephalography (EEG). Use can also be made of the facilities in the Biomedical Engineering Lab in the Faculty of Engineering that include a Vicon motion analysis system and a biomedical data acquisition system



Semester 1:  October to January - Traditional weekly lectures over 14 weeks

Semester 2:  February to June - One study unit every 3 weeks; 6 study units in all.

Semester 3: October to February - Dissertation 

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For more information contact: Course Director, Dr Clive Zammit, tel (+356) 2340 3928

Last Updated: 12 July 2018

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