COVID-19 precautionary measures

  1. All staff and students will need to undergo a temperature check at one of the temperature-checking hubs that have been set up around campus.  Individuals who undergo a successful temperature check will be given a coloured wrist band to wear as proof. Persons who are not wearing the wrist band will not be allowed in the building.

  2. Face masks are to be worn at all times whilst inside the building.

  3. Prior to entering any lab, seminar or lecture room, all persons must disinfect their hands by making use of hand sanitiser provided in the entrance of the lab/room.

  4. Once inside the room every person must register their attendance by writing their name, surname and contact number, as part of the ‘Contact Tracing’ procedure.

  5. All persons must abide by the instructions provided regarding social distancing and under no circumstances should furniture be moved or use made of sealed off areas or items of furniture.

  6. The following maximum room capacities must be observed at all times:

    Room Name Room Number Number of People
    Computer Lab 101 16
    Art Studio 112 10
    Immersion Lab 201 13
    Cognitive Science Lab
    Digital Arts Computer Lab
    Design Studio
    AV Library 504 3
  1. Only 2 persons can enter the experiment cubicles at a time. The 2 persons must maintain 2 metres apart from each other, if this is not possible than the 2 persons have to wear face masks.

  2. During the experiment the participant may remove the mask while the person conducting the experiment should remain wearing the mask at all times.

  3. Once the experiment is finished the surfaces and equipment used must be disinfected before another person can be granted access into the room. Keyboards are to be fitted with a silicone cover or users must use disposable gloves.
  1. Only 3 participants at a time can enter in the CAVE, and since maintaining 2 metres social distance is not possible face masks must be used at all time in this area.

  2. Equipment used by the students is to be left quarantined for 72 hours before reuse to make sure they it does not pose a risk of biological hazard.

  3. Each student must provide and make use of inner head liners (a.k.a. balaclavas) prior to making use of any head gear.

  4. Disposable gloves are to be used when using equipment that cannot be cleaned.
Students making use of computer stations should wear disposable gloves, which should be discarded prior to leaving the room to avoid re-use.
Until otherwise advised the in-personal Help Desk on Level 3 will be suspended. Students will be able to receive assistance via online support through Zoom application.
Until otherwise advised only 3 persons at a time are allowed inside due to space restrictions. Any student/person in need to use the library shall be required make an appointment with the person in charge, and wear a face mask at all time while inside the library.