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Prof Saviour Catania B.A. (Hons), M.A., Ph.D.

Office: Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, Room 419



Saviour Catania studied English literature at the University of Malta from where he obtained his PhD in 1996 with a thesis on A Thematic-Semiotic Comparison of five Wuthering Heights Film Adaptations. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Film Studies where he teaches courses in the Development of Film Language, Classical and Contemporary Film Theory and Film Appreciation.

He also lectures on literature and film in the Department of English. This includes the following units: Shakespearean Film, Medieval Literature into Film, Romantic and Victorian Fiction and Film, and Modern and Post-modern Fiction into Film. He also lectures on Spanish and Latin American Film in the Department of Spanish.

His research includes foreign film adaptations of Victorian and Gothic fiction, Shakespearean drama and Arthurian cinema. He has published in Literature/Film Quarterly, Entertext and Studia Filmoznawcze.


“The Otherless Other, or The Anonymity of Water: Unmapping Ondaatje’s ‘Sand Sea’ Self in Minghella’s The English Patient”. A joint paper with Dr. Ivan Callus. Shared Waters: Soundings in Postcolonial Literatures, (ed.) Stella Borg Barthet. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009: 229-243.

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“Wailing Woodwind Wild: The Noh Transcription of Shakespeare’s Silent Sounds in Kurosawa’s Ran”. Literature/Film Quarterly, 34: 2 (2006): 85-92.

“The Haiku Macbeth: Shakespearean Antithetical Minimalism in Kurosawa’s Kumonosu-jo” in World-Wide Shakespeares: Local Appropriations in Film and Performance, (ed.) Sonia Massai. London: Routledge, 2005: 149-156.

“To Unveil and/or to Mask: Buñuel’s and Yoshida’s Revisioning of the Religious Theme in Wuthering Heights”. Studia Filmoznawcze, 25 (2004): 65-81.

“Absent Presences in Liminal Places: Murnau's Nosferatu and the Otherworld of Stoker's Dracula”. Literature/Film Quarterly, 32: 3 (2004): 229-236.

European Cinema: An Introduction. (ed.) Jill Forbes and Sarah Street. Palgrave, 2000. Journal of Mediterranean Studies, 12:1 (2002): 227-230. (book review)

“The Beached Verge’: On Filming the Unfilmable in Grigori Kozintsev’s Hamlet”. EnterText, 1: 2 (2002): 297-311. [online]

L’Année Dernière à Marienbad and the Cartography of an Orphic Life-in-Death: The Modern Katábasis of Resnais”. Saviour Catania and Lino Bianco. Melita Theologica, 52: 2 (2002): 81-100.

“Cinematising the Euripidean and Sophoclean Spatial Dialectics: On the Skene-self in Pasolini’s Medea and Edipo Re”. Literature/Film Quarterly, 28: 3 (2000):170-179.

“Filming Brontë’s Moorish Soundscape: An Aural Analysis of Five Wuthering Heights Film Adaptations”. Humanitas: Journal of the Faculty of Arts (Malta), 1:1 (1999): 21-36.

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