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Dr Joseph Borg, Rev.

Office: Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, Room 310


Fr.Joseph Borg M. S.Th., PhD read theology and communication studies at the Universities of Malta, Montreal, Canada and Bolton, United Kingdom. He also studied radio and TV production in Hatch End London. Borg set up the media structures of the Archbishop's of Malta including a radio station, a printing press, a publication house and a weekly newspaper. Borg was the first chair of the Editorial Board of PBS Ltd., an editor of a weekly paper, editor of two different radio stations and producer and presenter of award winning radio and TV programmes. He was the first journalist to receive the Gold Award for his "outstanding contribution to professional journalism". Borg drafted both Malta’s National Broadcasting Policy and the media policy document of the Archdiocese of Malta. He was the Audio-visual policy consultant of the Minister for Culture between 2000-2013 and a member of the committee responsible for the digital switchover of television in Malta.

He is a member of the EU Kids Online pan-European research group and of the "Digital International Media Literacy E-book (DIMLE)" project..

Research interests

Media Ethics, Media institutions and society, Media and pastoral action, Media education. 

Select Publications 

Refereed Papers and refereed book chapters (since 2009)

Borg, J. & Lauri, M.A. (2009). Empowering Children in a Changing Media Environment. Media Education in the Maltese Educational System. In L. Marcus (Ed.). Issues in Information and Media Literacy. Criticism, history and policy (pp. 109 – 128). Santa Rosa, California: Science Press.

Borg, J. (2009). Balancing The Commercial And Editorial Aspects Of PBS Ltd. In J. Borg, A. Hillman & M.A. Lauri (Eds.). Exploring the Maltese Media Landscape (pp. 63 -82). Malta: Allied Publications.

Borg, J., (2009). Malta’s Media Landscape: An overview. In J. Borg, A. Hillman & M.A. Lauri (Eds.). Exploring the Maltese Media Landscape (pp. 19 – 35). Malta: Allied Publications.

Lauri, M.A., Borg, J., Gunnel, T., & Gillum, R. (2010). Attitudes of a sample of English, Maltese and German teachers towards media education. In European Journal of Teacher Education, 33 (1), 79-98.

Borg, J. & Lauri, M. A.(2011). A Comparative Studies of EU Documents on Media Literacy. In Media Education Research Journal. Vol 2. No., 30 - 42. Lauri, M.A., Lauri, J. and Borg, J. (2011). Are the typologies determined by the Post-Critical Belief Scale predicted well by the Religious attitudes and behaviour of Maltese undergraduate students. In Psychology, Vol.2, (5), 199-204.

Borg, J & Lauri, M.A. (2012). Paradigm Shifts in the Teachings of the Catholic Church about media education. In Global Media Journal (Polish Edition) No. 1(9) pp. 1 – 20.

Borg, J. (2013). Love is all you need: Organ donation in the teachings of different religions. In M. A. Lauri (Ed.). Organ donation and transplantation. An interdisciplinary approach (pp. 105 – 116). New York: Nova Biomedical.

Other books and papers

Borg, J., Hillman, A. & Lauri, M.A. (2009) (Eds.)Exploring the Maltese Media Landscape. Malta: Allied Publications.

Borg, J. (2008) “Extracting the privacy issues in reporting party leader’s surgery.” Pp.25– 29. In Ethical Space – The International Journal of Communication Ethics. Vol. 5 No. 1/2, 2008.

Borg, J. & Lauri, M.A. (2004) Exploring the Media Landscape. Media Education for Form Two. Malta: Media Centre Publications.

Borg, J. & Lauri, M.A. (2003) Media Languages. Media Education for Form One. Malta: Media Centre Publications.

Other Book Chapters since 2009

Borg, J. (2009) Das Mediensystem Maltas. In U. Hasebrink, & W. Schulz, (Eds) Internationales Handbuck Medien (pp.441-453). Baden-Banden: Hans Bredow Institut and Nomos.

Borg, J. (2009) Moving beyond the 'Paradise Lost'/'Paradise Regained' Syndrome. In M. Schiavone & L. Callus (Eds.) "Inservi" Ħidma Politika 1969-2009. Ġabra ta' Kitbiet f'Ġiegħ Eddie Fenech Adami (pp. 657-672). Malta: PIN.

Borg, J. (2010) The Maltese Journalism Education Landscape. In G. Terzis European Journalism Education (pp.289-300). Chicago: Chicago University Press.

Borg, J. & Lauri, M. A.(2011). A Comparative Studies of EU Documents on Media Literacy. In Media Education Research Journal. Vol 2. No., 30 - 42.

Borg, J. (2011). Twemmin u religjon fil-kultura tan-nisga. In Teresa. Rivista ta’ Spiritwalita. Vol 8 (4) pp.231-242.

Borg, J & Lauri, M. A. (2012) The psycho-cultural infrastructure of the Maltese mediascape from the perspective of McLuhan, Ong and Innis. In Van den Eede, Y., Bauwens, J., Beyl, J., Van den Bossche, M., & Verstrynge, K. (Eds). McLuhan’s Philosophy of Media. Centenial Confeence. 26-28 October 2011. (pp. 69 – 77). Brussels: KVAB.

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