MAKSimise short courses

MAKSimise your potential

The Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences (MAKS) organises a series of short courses in a variety of disciplines. These short courses are open to the general public.


MAKSimise short courses are offered by the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences of the University of Malta and provide an opportunity for all, both students and the General Public, to gain knowledge and learn skills related to the Media and Knowledge Sciences.


MAKSimise short courses are offered at a basic level, where no prior knowledge is needed, as well as at a more advanced level for those who already have some knowledge of the topic. These courses are designed to provide a hands-on/practical approach on the topic, within a theoretical framework.

Participants will be given a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. These short courses are not part of any degree or diploma programme offered by the Faculty.


Registration to one or more of the courses is available online.

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