Study-units registration

In order to be officially registered for the study-units within a particular programme of studies, undergraduate students in their first year are required to fill-in the Study-unit Registration Form.  Below are some tips which will help students while filling the form:

  1. Students are to refer to the Programme of Studies (PoS) of their respective course.

  2. It is highly recommended that students consult the undergraduate regulations that are available on the University Website.

  3. It is also highly recommended to consult with the Faculty’s Bye-Laws.

  4. Total number of credits for this academic year is 30 for Diploma programmes, and 60 for the other programmes; if you do not tally to this amount, please consult with the virtual Student Helpdesk.

  5. Please send the filled-in form as a signed scanned copy via email on the email address featured on the form itself, by Tuesday 27th October 2020. No hard copies will be accepted.

  6. Please keep a copy of this form before sending it to the Faculty.


 Registration Forms