Student reps

Each Faculty at the University of Malta has student representatives at course level, on Faculty Board as well as on Council and Senate. Student representatives participate and attend Board meetings and other functions and present the students’ voice. Students may contact their representative should they require advice or for the representative to deal with a complaint.

  • Rebecca Zammit
    B. Fine Arts (Honours) in Digital Arts - 3rd Year

  • Courtnie Bonett
    Master of Arts in Media and Communications - 2nd Year
    Hi everyone - half-Maltese, half-American here! Originally from California where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, I’m now currently at UoM reading for a Master’s in Media and Communication. I’m eager to represent each and every one of you to make a difference in our faculty, but I’ll need all of your help to do so. If you have suggestions, objections, or just want to chat over a cappuccino about your classes and dissertations - I’m here! I look forward to the change we’ll achieve together!

  • 1 vacancy available...

Department of Cognitive Science

  • 2 vacancies available...

Department of Digital Arts

  • 2 vacancies available... 

Department of Library Information and Archive Sciences

  • 2 vacancies available... 

Department of Media and Communications

  • James Balzan Sultana
    Bachelor of Communications (Honours) - 1st Year
    Hi, I'm James, a first-year student studying Communications. I'm a freelance photographer/graphics designer with a love for analogue photography and It's an honor to be representing each and every student in our faculty to bring about a positive change with all of your interests in mind. I'm a very down to earth person and will go out of my way to help wherever possible. We are all in this together after all, so don't hesitate to contact me, be it about a problem, a question, notes or maybe even a discussion, I'm always here to help!

  • Analise Fenech
    Bachelor of Communications (Honours) - 2nd Year
    Hi! My name is Analise and I'm doing my degree in Communications (Hons.)  I feel grateful to have the opportunity to bring forward students’ perspectives and concerns. If you have suggestions, issues or anything you want to bring forward please do not hesitate to contact me! Let's communicate!