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"On Wednesday 14/11/2012, I was attending a meeting at the office of the president in Ramallah; where I met Dr. Mohamed Odeh, the Deputy Chief of staff of the Presidency who asked me: 'It's been a year since I last saw you, what have you been up to during this time'. I told him I was attending the Master of Diplomacy at MEDAC-University of Malta. Dr. Odeh commented by saying: 'Congratulations, you are very lucky, MEDAC is renowned for its academic excellence and is one of the best institutions in the field of diplomacy in the entire Mediterranean region".


Palestine, Academic Year 2011-2012. Currently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ramallah, Palestine.


"Following the Master of Diplomacy at MEDAC has been very enriching experience for me, not only professionally, but also personally. MEDAC has broadened my understanding of issues pertaining to Diplomacy and International Relations as well as it helped me to build upon my academic background and improve my skills".

Mr. Mondhere RJEB

Tunisia, Academic Year 2008-2009. Currently working at the Tunisian Embassy in Yemen.


"It was a remarkable experience and a great opportunity to join and benefit from a very comprehensive program. I will never forget our professors, rigorous and passionate, who tried to boost our enthusiasm and to enrich our knowledge about all aspects of diplomacy".

Ms. Marsela XHANGOLLI (Tepelena)

Albania, Academic Year 2003-2004. Currently working at the Albanian Permanent Representation to NATO, Brussles, Belgium. 


"The Master of Diplomacy at MEDAC was a unique experience in a European country, bring together students from different and diverse cultures and nationalities, enhanced by professors and professional staff".


Jordan, Academic Year 2000-2001. Currently Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Jordan in Brussels & Mission of Jordan to the EU and NATO, Brussles, Belgium. 


"The personal appreciation I have for the little but magnificent island of Malta grew during my stay. It has proven to me that even though you might be small in geography or space, you can still be big in terms of influence on the international scale". 

Ms. Suad SOBOH

Palestine, Academic Year 2009-2010. Currently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine. 

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