Mediterranean diplomacy during COVID-19

Research and Education in Mediterranean Diplomacy as COVID-19 Persists 


The outbreak of COVID-19 and the necessary national measures taken to tackle the spread of the virus have caused significant disruption to the provision of education. The Director of MEDAC, Professor Stephen Calleya, would like to bring to the attention of the readers that despite the tenacity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy has carried on with its activities in inventive ways to ensure continuity without compromising its academic mission, whilst safeguarding the health and safety of its students and staff.


To help ensure continuity in research and education activities, the MEDAC faculty transitioned to an online work environment seeking to make the best of online learning and ensure a fully functional and interactive platform for MEDAC students. MEDAC shifted its lectures online, where post-graduate students could continue with their research and education remotely via virtual learning. The instrumental use of educational applications and platforms provided by the University of Malta help Lecturers and University administrative staff to facilitate student learning and provide interaction during period of University closure. This approach allowed the Academy to complete the lectures of the current 2019/2020 academic year successfully.


Furthermore, to ensure that students are fully prepared for their exams in these difficult times, the Academy has conducted a series of online revision classes. Accordingly, supervision and assessment of academic projects is still ongoing. Meetings between students and their supervisors are being held online. This enables Members of Faculty to maintain the necessary contact with the students to enable them to continue the academic year despite the uncertain circumstances. 
The continuation of MEDAC’s academic mission has thus been achieved whilst constantly monitoring the evolving situation and aiming to follow international practices while respecting the precautionary measures that are being taken by the national authorities. MEDAC has also instructed its students to abide by the recommended health and safety practices to prevent the further spread of the pandemic. The Academy has also worked to provide assistance to its international students in obtaining repatriation flights to their respective countries so they can return to their families in these difficult times.