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The Human Dimension Programme at MEDAC organised its annual post-graduate seminar on the 16th March 2012. Given the momentous changes occurring in the southern Mediterranean this year's seminar focused on "Democratic Transitions: Perspectives and Case-Studies".



1. Prof. Stephen Calleya and Dr. Omar Grech opening the seminar.

2. Prof. Tom Lodge and Dr. Bechir Chourou on panel.

3. Dr. Colm Regan delivering his presentation.


The seminar was attended by MEDAC's students pursuing the Master in Diplomacy and MA Diplomatic Studies programmes who had the opportunity to discuss with eminent academics such as Professor Bechir Chourou and Professor Tom Lodge democratization processes and inherent challenges of transition. The seminar commenced with a welcome address by Professor Stephen Calleya who highlighted the difficulties inherent in transition processes and invited the students to reflect on what democratization means in contemporary international and regional realities. The first presentation dealt with the historic waves of democratization and different meanings attributed to the concept of democracy itself. The case studies then focussed on South Africa's transition from apartheid and the current situation in Tunisia. The final presentations addressed the comparative case studies of Central and Eastern Europe on the one hand and the role of human rights in the context of democratization in North Africa on the other hand.



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