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MEDAC Diploma Students visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg -

13th March, 2012.




A number of second year students from MEDAC pursuing a Diploma in Diplomatic Studies were invited for a visit to the European Parliament and other European institutions in the heart of Europe, Strasbourg, France. The aim of the visit was to get acquainted with the European governance system.


This visit was partially financed by the European Parliament under the 'Opinion Multiplier Scheme'. Besides the places of interest, the group visited the Maltese Representation to the European Union and the European Parliament, where the group was greeted and shown a presentation on how the pillars of the EU (the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Court of Justice) intertwine with one another for a homogenous and peaceful governance of the old continent.


The Group was received by two Maltese MEPs, namely Dr Simon Busuttil and Professor Edward Scicluna. Both MEPs devoted time to explain the functions of the European Parliament and answer a number of questions that the students raised in relation to their studies and the EU's political governance. This meeting was followed by a Parliamentary Preliminary hearing on the ‘Euro Financial Crisis’ that was in session at the time.


In Strasbourg the Group also visited the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), where they were greeted, shown around and participated in a Q&A session with ECHR Judge Vincent De Gaetano.


Students benefited from this visit to Strasbourg as they gained a better understanding of how the European Union is governed and were exposed to its different institutions.


Mario Zammit, Group Leader and coordinator commented, “The experience gained was beneficial both academically as well as for the long-term aspirations of group members.”


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