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Developments in the Arab World following the Arab Spring 

Short Module delivered by Prof. Bob Bowker


On November 11th and 12th November 2013, Prof. Robert Bowker, Adjunct Professor at the Center of Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University (ANU), gave lectures on developments in the Arab World in the light of the Arab Spring.  He spoke on the various challenges facing the Arab countries be they political, socio-economic and sectarian and religious divides.  The Sykes-Picot agreement, its effect on Arab politics and why it endured was also discussed in class.  Regional dynamics in the Middle East such as Saudi-Iranian strategic competition, Iranian aspirations for regional influence as well as regional competition which is reflected in the Syrian civil war were discussed.  When it came to the Syrian conflict, the discussion focused on the Assad family rule, the causes of the Syrian uprising and the current situation in Syria.  The parties involved in the Syrian conflict such as Russia, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran and their interests were also referred to.


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