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MEDAC Publications in Mediterranean IR and Diplomacy

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25. Mogherini, F. 2016. The Mediterranean and the Global Strategy.

24. Various Authors, 2016. Perspectives in a Changing Mediterranean: Essays in Honour of Dr. Joe Borg.

23. Lutterbeck, D. & Wohlfeld, M. 2016. OSCE Code of Conduct: Outreach Conference for the Southern Mediterranean Region (Tunis, 2015).

22. Burkhalter, D. Hon., 2016. Good Offices: A Swiss Speciality.

21. Calleya, S. and Wohlfeld, M. 2016. Helsinki plus 40: The Mediterranean Chapter of the Helsinki Final Act and the Future of Mediterranean Co-operation.

20. Brandes, K-P. 2015. A New Era after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Challenges for Germany's Foreign Policy.

19. Bowker, R. 2014. The Arab Middle East and the West: Where to from here?

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17. Wohlfeld, M. Editor. 2014. Civil Society and Democratisation in Societies in Transition.

16. Ester, P. and van Nispen, P., 2013. Foreign Policy and the Cultural Factor : a Research and Education Agenda.

15. Borg, S., 2013. The United Nations General Assembly and the Mediterranean.

14. Khader, B., 2013. The European Union and the Arab World: from the Rome Treaty to the 'Arab Spring'.

13. Regazzoni, B., 2013. Objectives, principles and recent developments of Swiss Foreign Policy.

12. Grech, O., Editor, 2012. Democratic Transitions: Perspectives and Case Studies.

11. Yilmaz, B., 2012. The Role of Turkey in the European Energy Market.

10. Calleya, S. & Wohlfeld, M., Editors. 2011. Towards a New Southern Mediterranean Region? 

9. Spencer, C., 2011. The Changing Role of Civil Society in the Euro-Mediterranean Area.

8. Heft, J., 2011. The Necessity of Inter-Faith Diplomacy: The Catholic/Muslim Dialogue.

7. Tribute to Professor Guido de Marco (Special Issue 2011)

6. Keuhnhardt, L., 2010. The Malta Turn of Europe: the European Union in the Age of Globality.

5. Dahinden, M., 2010. Development Cooperation in the 21st Century: Looking Beyond the Surface. 

4. Lesser, I., 2009. The United States and the Mediterranean: a New Strategic Context.

3. Hefny, M. 2009. Water Diplomacy in a Changing World: Adopting to New Paradigm Shifts and the Need for New Innovative Tools.

2. Fulci, F. P. 2008. The Reform of the Security Council of the United Nations: Why still an open question?

1. de Marco, G. 2007. The Mediterranean Dilemma: A Bridge or a Great Divide?

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