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2013 - 2014
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M.A. Mediterranean Studies




Mediterranean Institute 

Public Seminars 

Venue: Razzett tal-Hursun


All lectures start – 17.30 hrs


Marginalisation and the Arab Spring: A case-Study of Egypt. Dr. Arsalan Alshinawi (University of Malta): 26 November 2013.

On the epistemological value of the term 'Mediterranean' in the age of globalisation: A mere geographical expression or an aid to the understanding of economic development problems? Dr. Mario Brincat (University of Malta) :2 December 2013.

Blame the Hajj – Sanitize the Hejaz: Quarantine as a tool of ‘Western Modernity’ in the Arab experience, 1850-1890s. Prof. John Chircop (Mediterranean Institute): 25 February 2014.

Plague in the Preindustrial Mediterranean - Origins, Evolution, and Historiographical Reflections. Ivan Grech (University of Malta): 5 March 2014.

‘Time Still and Time Regained’: An exploration of the Dramatic Movement in the works of Poussin and Caravaggio. Prof. Paul Sant Cassia (Mediterranean Institute): 12 March 2014

'Mediterranean Blues? Melancholic Agency in Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul - Memories of a City'. Dr. Norbert Bugeja (University of Kent) : 6 May 2014.

Anthropology and Disability. Zsuzsanna Kunt (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary) :13 May 2014.

Anticipated Subsequence: Permanence as revolt in the Mediterranean aesthetic imaginary. Prof. John Baldacchino (University of Dundee) : to be announced.

Seminar by Dr Bashir Abu-Manneh
This seminar entitled 'Palestinian Trajectories: Novel and Politics since 1948' is going to be held on Wednesday 31st October at 18.00 hrs at the Mediterranean Institute, Ir-Razzett tal-Hursun, University of Malta. 
The Journal of Mediterranean Studies available online
The Journal of Mediterranean Studies (ISSN: 1016-3476) published by the Mediterranean Institute at the University of Malta is now available online through the prestigious Project Muse platform.
Supervision for M.A./Ph.D research
The Mediterranean Institute is providing trans-disciplinary supervision for Masters of Arts and Doctoral research...
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