Belief, identity and exchange

Unity and difference in the Mediterranean

The regional identity of the Mediterranean has been a hotly contested topic. Hybridity, cosmopolitanism and yet great religious schisms have characterised the Mediterranean and its historiography. A sea of unity and yet of great division scholars have greatly debated the possibility of speaking of the Mediterranean in any meaningful sense. Religious difference in the Mediterranean have often been highlighted as an enduring and irreconcilable source of conflict and yet ethnographic and historical evidence has shown times and place in the Mediterranean were there was great religious tolerance if not syncretism.

Researchers in this group will look at the various modalities of exchange in the Mediterranean: linguistic, economic, and religious (among others), and the constant renegotiation and deployment of the past, in order the explore the contexts and conditions through which Identity becomes a source of cohesion or conflict. 

Research Area Coordinator

Research Associates
Dr Anne-Marie Callus (Department of Disability Studies, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta)
Dr David Zammit (Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta)   


Research Affiliates

Dr Russell B. Palmer (School of Foreign Studies, Shangai University of Finance and Economics)