Democratisation, displacement and development

Politics and social change in the Mediterranean

The last decade has witnessed a dramatic political and economic upheaval in the Mediterranean in both the European and the Maghrebi/Mashreqi sides of the Mediterranean. Scholars in this area examine the effects and causes of such transformations. Whether it is in the displacement of human populations and movement of people across the Mediterranean, the transformations resulting from the economic crises affecting Southern European countries or the political transformations that have been changing the political structure of several countries in the region. Scholars in this area examine the literary, cultural social and political dimensions of such changes and seek to provide an inter-disciplinary approach to the contemporary challenges that are rapidly coming to define the region in the contemporary world.

Research Area Coordinator
Dr Daniela Debono 

Research Associates
Dr Anna Khakee

Research Affiliates
Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (University of St Andrews, UK)
Dr Daniel M. Knight (University of St Andrews, UK)
Dr Jutta Lauth Bacas (Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, London)

Dr Gisele Kleidermacher (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)  

Dr Naor Ben-Yehoyada (University of Columbia, USA) 

Dr Giacomo Orsini (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

Dr Marc Morell (Universitetet i Bergen) 

Dr Cetta Mainwaring (University of Glasgow, UK)