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Abela J and Mallia P, 2016. Training in palliative medicine and Maltese doctors: a cross-sectional survey. JMCFD; 5(2): 13-19. [pdf]

Abela J, 2015. GPs and End of Life Decisions: View and Experiences. Malta Medical Journal; 27(2): 31-6. [pdf]

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Farrugia Preca J and Abela J, 2014. Evaluating a prescription clinic at a primary health centre. Malta Medical Journal; 26(2): 18-24. [pdf]

Mallia P, Ellul B and Abela J, 2012. Attitudes of family doctors, attached to the Department of Family Medicine, towards consulting and treating young people. Malta Medical Journal; 24(3): 34-38. [pdf]

Abela J and Mallia P, 2010. An evaluation of palliative care education in the specialist training programme in family medicine. Malta Medical Journal; 22(4): 26-33. [pdf]

Abela J, 2009. Symptom management by a community palliative care team. Malta Medical Journal; 21(4): 12-18. [pdf]


Last Updated: 26 October 2016

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