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  1. Discharge of a “Social Case”. Zammit P., Ferry P., Vella A.    Bold 2006; 16 (2): 24-27.
  2. A Pagetic elderly lady with back pain. Magri CJ, Ferry P, Vassallo MA, Vella A.    Age and Ageing 2008; 37: 481-482
  3. A Pagetic Elderly Lady with Back Pain  A Magri C J, Ferry P, Vella A.  Age & Ageing 2008, Vol. 37, No. 4,.
  4. The Evaluation of Prescription Charts in an Assessment and Rehabilitation Hospital for Elderly Persons. Poster presentation. Fiorini A, Vella A, Zammit P. , Malta Medical School Conference 2009.
  5. Delivering Quality Where It Really Matters – a study on patients’ satisfaction with their discharge process from a Geriatric Day Hospital. Zammit P, Vella A.  poster presentation, Malta Medical School Conference 2009.
  6. A Case Report of Bilateral Adrenal Myelolipoma Presenting to A Geriatric Outpatient Clinic. Zammit K, Vella A.  Journal of European Geriatric Medicine 2 (2011)106-107.
  7. Maneuvering with difficulty Around Jagged Edges: A Unique Case of Mixed Dysphagia Causing Recurrent Aspiration Pneumonia.  Bellia E, Vella A.  Annals of Long-Term Care 2011, Vol 19, 9
  8. Statin-induced myopathy precipitated by acute cholestatic hepatitis?  Dalli S, Vella A. Journal of European Geriatric Medicine 2012,
  9. A cross-sectional study to determine the suitability of FRAX hip assessment thresholds currently used in the UK, for the FRAX model developed for Malta. Manduca E, Vella A.  Poster presentation, Malta Medical School Conference, 2012.
  10. A review of the first six months of the Orthogeriatric Pilot Project service at Mater Dei Hospital. Muscat J, Cordina J. Ferry P, Vella A.  Oral presentation, Malta Medical School Conference, 2012.
  11. Hypomagnesaemia and Vitamin D Deficiency complicating biphosphonate-induced hypocalcaemia. Bigeni J, Vella A. , Malta Medical School Journal Volume 2012 24 Issue 03.
  12. Improving Outcomes by Improving Geriatric Phlebotomy.    Gauci J, Vella A.  Poster presentation – European Union of Geriatric Medicine Societies Conference, 2013, Venice, Italy.

Master of Laparoscopic Surgery

To be offered in October 2018

Last Updated: 19 August 2013

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