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Dr Peter Ferry

Published Papers

  1. Full Cycle Audit of Referrals for Carotid Doppler Ultrasound.  Balcombe N.R., Ferry P.G., Saweirs W.M., Hancock R.   Journal of Clinical Excellence 2001; 2: 215-8.
  2. Nutritional Status and Well Being: Is There a Relationship between Body Mass Index and The Well Being of Older People?  Balcombe N.R., Ferry P.G., Saweirs W.M.    Current Medical Research and Opinion 2001; 17:1-7
  3. A Case of Spontaneous Cervical Extradural Haematoma.  Ferry P., Reisner R., Ashpole R.    Hospital Medicine 2001; 62: 436-7
  4. Report on workshop at IAH meeting entitled Combating Discrimination in Cardiac Care.  Balcombe N.R., Ferry P.G.  Journal of the Institute of Ageing and Health. 2001; 7: 15-16.
  5. Perspectives of Relatives and Health Care Workers on Care of Terminally Ill Patients in the UK.   Ferry P., Hancock R., Newton C., Taylor J. and Horton K.    American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care  2002; 19:  121-28.
  6. Does the Geriatric Depression Score Predict the Well-being of Older People?   Balcombe N.R., Ferry P.G. and Saweirs W.M.    Ageing and Health 2002; 8: 40-45.
  7. Does Age Influence the Investigation and Treatment of Heart Failure?Does Age Influence the Investigation and Treatment of Heart Failure?   Ferry P.G. and Balcombe N.R.    Ageing and Health 2002; 8: 46-50.
  8. Use of Complementary Therapies and Non-Prescribed Medication in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease.   Ferry P., Johnson M., Wallis P.    Postgraduate Medical Journal 2002; 78: 612-614.
  9. ECT for Depression in Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease.   Ferry P., Desai H, Williams A.   Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry 2003; 7: 34-35.
  10. A Review of Complementary Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.   Ferry P., Desai H.    Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 2004; 34:41-46.
  11. What the Educators are saying.   Peile E., Ferry P., McCarthy L.    BMJ 2004; 329: 610.
  12. Geriatricians as Trainers. (Editorial)   Desai H, Ferry P.    Ageing and Health 2005; 12: 2-3.
  13. Adding Spice to the Geriatric Medicine SpR Training Programme.    Ferry P., Turnbull P.   Ageing and Health 2005; 12: 8-11.
  14. Discharge from Institutional Long Term Care.  Does it Really Ever Happen?    Magro I., Ferry P.    Bold 2005 15: 29-31.
  15. Discharge of a “Social Case”.   Zammit P., Ferry P., Vella A.    Bold 2006; 16 (2): 24-27.
  16. Social Cases?    Zammit P., Ferry P.   Malta Medical Journal 2006; 19 (2) 17-20.
  17. Pressure Ulcer Management.    Ferry P.   The Synapse 2006;5: 20-22.
  18. A Review of the Aetiology and management of Vocal Behaviour in Dementia.   Magri C., Ferry P., Abela S.    Malta Medical Journal 2007;19: 30-35.
  19. A Pagetic elderly lady with back pain.  Magri CJ, Ferry P, Vassallo MA, Vella A.   Age and Ageing 2008; 37: 481-482.
  20. Annual mortality of elderly residents in Malta’s largest home.    Zammit P, Fiorini A, Ferry P.     Bold 2009; 19:3 19-22.
  21. Do not underestimate your patient’s back pain.     Magri C, Vassallo M, Vella A, Ferry P.    British Journal of Hospital Medicine 2009; 70:6  358-9.
  22. A case of Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome on withdrawal of Benzhexol.    Lofaro T, Falzon S, Ferry P.    Malta Medical Journal 2010; 22: 32-33.
  23. Alzheimer’s disease research group (ADRG).  Scerri C, Ferry P, Scerri A, Farrugia-Bonello R, Zahra A, Mamo D.   The Synapse 2013; 3:12-13.

Book Chapters

  1. Continuity in Palliative Care Key Issues and Perspectives.  Chapter 7 entitled Continuity of Palliative Care and the Elderly. Published by the Royal College of General Practitioners – UK  ISBN 978-0-85084-311-8.  Published in 2007


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  2. Balcombe N.R., Ferry P., Saweirs W.M. Assessment of Quality of Life of Older Patients. Age and Ageing 2000; 29:74.
  3. Ferry P.  What Is the Relationship Between Parkinsons Patients’ Self-Perceived Quality Of Life and Their Informal Carers’ Strain?  Age and Ageing 2001; S2:44
  4. Ferry P., Wallis P.  The Effect of A Multidisciplinary Parkinson’s Clinic On The Patients’ Perceived Quality Of Life. Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 2001; S27-8
  5. Ferry P., Hancock R., Newton C., Horton K., and Taylor J.  Next of Kin and Health care Workers Perspectives on Quality of Symptom Control in Older Terminally Ill Inpatients in a District General Hospital in the UK.  The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Ageing 2002; 6: 1
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  13. Hattat E., Ferry P.  Do older people perceive their visual loss?  Malta Medical Journal 2006 18 S: 36.
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  16. Vella E, Manduca E, Ferry P.  Evaluating the quality of prescription writing at Zammit Clapp and Karin Grech Hospitals.  Malta Medical Journal 2009 21S: 83.
  17. Spiteri D, Ferry P.  What makes older people fall during an inpatient rehabilitation programme?  Malta Medical Journal 2009 21S: 36.
  18. Vella J, Ferry P, Azzopardi L, Serracino-Inglott A.  Hospital pharmacist’s intervention in parkinson’s disease.  Malta Medical Journal 2009 21S: 28.
  19. Muscat J, Ferry P, Cordina J, Vella A.  A review of the first six months of the Orthogeriatric pilot project service at Mater Dei Hospital.  Malta Medical Journal 2012 24S:58

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