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A resistant case of Kawasaki disease
S. Mulvaney, C. Vella, V. Grech. Malta Medical Journal 2007; 20: 27-29.

Atrial fibrillation following transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale
T. Tilney, F. Fenech, V. Grech, J. Hellenic. Journal of Cardiology 2007; 48: 59.

Isolated right ventricular infundibular outflow tract obstruction in a patient with William's syndrome
V. Grech, X. Xuereb, J.V. DeGiovanni. Cardiology in the Young 2007; 17: 105-6.

Stenosis of the upper body arteries in association with coarctation asnd interrupted aortic arch
V. Grech, M.J.E. Elliott, J.V. DeGiovanni. Annals of Vascular Surgery 2007; 21: 801-3.

Kawasaki disease presenting as hepatitis
V. Grech, T. Buttigieg, A. Portelli, S. Kotes, G. Attard, P. Huhn, M. Schembri-Wismayer. Annals of Tropical Paediatrics 2007; 27: 303-6.



Benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis: report of two local cases
C. Vella, M. Ellul, H. Andrejevic. Malta Medical Journal, September 2008; (20) Issue 3: 37.

A Neonatal zoonosis: Neonatal Pasteurella multocida septicaemia
D. Pace, S.P. Attard Montalto. Acta Pediatrica 2008; 97 (2): 250-2.

Cutaneous Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
D. Pace, N. Gatt, S.P. Attard Montalto. American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 2008; 79 (6): 817-818.

Preseptostomy myocardial infarction in a patient with complex transposition of the great arteries
C. Galea, O. Aquilina, V. Grech. Pediatric Cardiology 2008; 29: 185-7.

Proximal femoral focal deficiency
M. Ellul, M. Chircop, C. Grixti, V. Grech. Malta Medical Journal 2008; 20: 42-3.



Vestigial, second umbilical vein: A case report

S.P. Attard Montalto, N. Mifsud, S. Zrinzo, J. DeGaetano, A. Camilleri. Malta Medical Journal; 2009; 21 (01): 40-2.






Mitral valve infective endocarditis after successful closure of coronary fistula
S Attard Montalto, C Galea, M Bailey, D Pace, V Grech, J DeGiovanni. Malta Medical Journal 2012; 24 (3): 43-47.





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