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Dr Michael Borg
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Dr Michael Borg

Qualification and Experience

Dr Michael A. Borg graduated M.D. from the University of Malta in 1987 and studied microbiology in Malta as well as at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University College, London. He was appointed microbiologist with the Health Department of Malta in 1991 and subsequently Consultant in Hospital Infection Control. He chairs both the Infection Control Committee of St. Luke’s Hospital, a 900 bed tertiary care facility, and the Antibiotic Team at the same institution. He is also strongly involved in infection control and antibiotic initiatives on a national level where he chairs the Malta National Antibiotic Committee.
He has been invited to participate as an expert in several European meetings including the Intergovernmental workshop on the Prevention of Hospital-acquired Infection in Member States of the Council of Europe and is a permanent member of the EU working group on the prudent use of antimicrobial agents in human medicine.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC), an umbrella organisation encompassing over 50 infection control societies worldwide, and in 2007 was elected as President of this organisation.

Research Capacity

His research concerns focus predominantly on the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections and appropriate antibiotic use, about which he has published in both local and international journals. He is the national coordinator for several EU surveillance projects including ESAC, IPSE, ARPAC as well as EARSS on whose Advisory Board he sat from between 2004 - 6. He is particularly interested on the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance and its drivers - infection control and antibiotic consumption – in developing countries. To this end, he has been the project leader for the Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance & Control in the Mediterranean Region (ARMed) Project. This was a 4-year international research project investigating antimicrobial resistance in seven Mediterranean countries through the collection of comparable and validated antimicrobial resistance data as well as information about hospital antibiotic consumption patterns and infection control initiatives.

Selected References

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Research Funds

This ARMed project was funded by the European Commission (DG Research: ICA3-CT-2002-10015) following an open call under the Inco-Med FP5 programme [].


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